Acts of Kindness

There you are sitting in the car thinking about your day-what you should have done, what you didn’t do, what you have to still do and you feel the tears well up in your eyes, you blink them away quickly……..We have all had those moment’s where we needed help or a friendly face.

Then an angel gets sent to you without you even realising it. The stranger offers to help you carry the shopping to the car that you are struggling with, a text comes through from a friends saying you are doing a great job or someone makes a positive comment on your hair. Being kind to people we like or love is easy, but being kind to a stranger or someone who annoyed us is harder than we think, but so important in this day and age. No one truly knows anyone else’s life story-so take the time to be kind.

There are so many little acts of kindness in everyday life that we barely even take notice of, that smile, the lady holding the door open, the hand that reaches down to pick up something you dropped, the person letting you reverse out of your car park….if we managed to stop, observe and celebrate all these little acts of kindness we could allow and encourage our human nature to continue to do more and more little acts of kindness for everyone they meet.

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